Noah is a Southern California native who has been fascinated with herpetology for as long as he can remember. Noah is a veterinary technician who has specialized in the care and treatment of exotic and small animals since the mid 1990's. Since acquiring his first pet snake as a very young boy, he has successfully kept and bred many exotic and native species of reptiles and amphibians. Noah is passionate about finding and observing herpetofauna in the wild, and equally as passionate about creating awareness for the need to conserve and protect these animals and their habitats. 

Dick also grew up in the San Gabriel Valley area of Southern California.  Dick's early field adventures and experiences with imported exotic reptiles inspired him to seek a career in the commercial end of the herp experience. Among his many accomplishments as a herper and herptoculturist, Dick is best noted for his original design of the sliding top reptile tank, which today is the most copied design in the industry.  Dick presently resides in Mesa, Arizona. 

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​​​​Rich is an independent financial planner and a life-long reptile enthusiast. He currently resides in Corona, California with his wife Kelly and his two boys Jared and Austin. To his great delight, his entire family shares his passion for reptiles. They spend much of their spare time herping in the field and taking care of their private collection. Although still very young, both Jared and Austin aspire to be future herpetologists. The Rang family is also actively involved in the captive breeding of several exotic reptile species featured here on their Zoo Rang web page.

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Lee’s interest in reptiles also began at an early age in Southern California when he had the opportunity to explore the woodlands in and around his father’s golf course construction sites. With every new snake and lizard discovery, his interest and desire to learn grew. After graduating from the University of Nevada with B.S. in Zoology, Lee became an officer in the US Navy, earned his wings and flew the A-6E Intruder. After retiring from the Navy, Lee worked in the aerospace industry. He is now officially retired, and resides in Fountain Valley. Throughout the years, Lee's interest in digital photography has become the focus of his recreational activities as he has found it to be an outstanding method to showcase not only reptiles and amphibians, but also other native wildlife species and their habitats while furthering the public’s awareness of these fascinating animals. Many of Lee's outstanding wildlife photographs can be seen here in our Herp Gallery, and online at


​​​Jeff is a professional herpetologist from Poway, CA.  For the past 25 years he has been employed by the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, where he manages captive and field programs for threatened and endangered reptiles and amphibians.  Jeff has traveled the globe extensively to study and photograph reptiles and amphibians, yet most of his field herping expertise is in Southern California.  Jeff is the author of over 70 scientific and popular articles on herpetology, and has written two books: Field Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of the San Diego Region, and Cyclura: Natural History, Husbandry and Conservation of West Indian Rock Iguanas.  In his spare time, Jeff enjoys outdoor activities and field herping with his children.

Steve is a native Californian who grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and is now a resident of San Clemente, a small coastal community in south Orange County, California. Steve's father and grandfather taught him a love of the outdoors and nature at a very early age, and like many young boys, he acquired a curiosity towards reptiles and amphibians that he never outgrew. Throughout his adult life, Steve has always been interested in biology and zoology, but he has made a living as a machinist, design engineer and business owner. Currently, he is actively involved in field herping and teaching others about the fascinating world of herpetology.  

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