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Printed Field Guides
A Field Guide To Amphibians and Reptiles of the San Diego Region
Author: Jeffrey M. Lemm
This is a 'must have' field guide for any field herping enthusiast who lives in or is planning on visiting the Southern California area. 
Mr. Lemm is a herpetologist with the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Not only does he work in the San Diego region, but it's where he grew up, went to school, and currently resides. San Diego County is by far the most diverse region in the state of California in terms of habitat types and herp species. This guide covers not only all of the species of San Diego County, but also covers all of the species of Orange County, and many of the species found in other neighboring Southern California counties.

A Field Guide to Western Reptiles and Amphibians - 3rd Edition
Author: Robert C. Stebbins
This is the third edition of the classic field guide authored by one of California's most well known and respected herpetologists. 
The book contains excellent hand drawn illustrations and photographs, distribution maps and accounts of the species found in the western region of the United States.
A Field Guide To Amphibians and Reptiles of California
Authors: Robert C. Stebbins and Samuel M. McGinnis
This book is an update to Stebbins' 1979 edition of California Amphibians and Reptiles.
As the title implies, this book focuses on species found in California. 
Snakes of North America Western Region
Authors: R. D. Bartlett & Alan Tennant
This field guide covers all of the snake species and subspecies of the western region of the United States and Canada. 
It is well illustrated with photographs, distribution maps and very informative species accounts. 
This is the companion book to Snakes of North America Eastern and Central Regions by Alan Tennant.
A Field Guide To Amphibians and Reptiles in Arizona
Authors: Thomas C. Brennan & Andrew T. Holycross
This is an excellent field guide for anyone visiting the great state of Arizona and it's rich collection of reptiles and amphibians. It is very easy to use and contains interesting information on the diverse habitats of Arizona in addition to the native herpetofauna. 
The guide does, however, fall short of recognizing or describing the subspecies of the many species which inhabit the state. 
Lizards of the American Southwest - A Photographic Field Guide
Authors: Lawerence L. C. Jones, & Robert E. Lovich
This is arguably the best field book available for the lizards of our Southwestern region. 
It covers 96 species with excellent photographs, distribution maps and species accounts.
Southern California Reptiles and Amphibians, aka: SoCal Herps
Author: Todd Battey
This fine field guide is not a book, but a phone app. Todd Battey has assembled an outstanding field guide that you can carry in your smart phone. It is rich with hundreds of photos which illustrate better than any printed publication can, the diversity in coloration and markings of local Southern California herp species. The app is available for both the iPhone and Android operating systems, and is far less expensive than the cost of a printed field book, not to mention much easier to carry with you in the field.
Author: Gary Nafis is by far the most complete and informative online field guide available for the state of California. The author has not only included individual species accounts for all of the recognized California reptile and amphibian subspecies, but also included audio recordings of different rattlesnake rattles, and the different and distinctive calls of native frogs and toads. This website is loaded with great information, photographs, fish and game regulations links and much more. 

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