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Reptile Replicas

by Steve Bledsoe

SWFHA Associate Steve Bledsoe specializes in the creation of museum quality replicas of native reptiles and amphibians. Replicas of many native and exotic species of snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, toads and salamanders are available. Unlike taxidermy skin mounts, no animal skins or other parts of dead animals are used in the replication. These life size replicas are cast in plastic resin from a collection of reusable molds, then hand painted to accurately replicate living specimens. They are ideal for nature center and museum dioramas, classroom displays, and interpretive programs. Unlike taxidermy skin mounts, these resin replicas will not deteriorate or decay with time. 


Below are photos of some of Steve's replicas that are currently on display at various museums and parks.

For more detailed information please visit the Bledsoe Reptile Replicas website.   

Click on a photo to view a larger image. 

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